defi with decentralized

automatic burning

The ARTEON token is an ERC20 that burns 0.001% of the amount sent from wallet A to wallet B with every transaction. As a result, with every act involving ARTEON, a small part of the total supply is burned, call it decentralized burning

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decentralized burning

for each transaction involving arteon, 0.001% of the amount sent is automatically burned from the current total supply

arteon gpu nft market

we want to create a market in arteon graphics cards that are used to mine arteon and can be traded on OpenSea

decentralized staking

Staking also becomes a possibility with arteon, our vision is no early termination penalties and no lockup obligations

everything open source

open source means complete freedom over your decisions, every contract will therefore be open source and verifiable

Uniswap V3 preparation

The liquidity will be locked until the release of Uniswap v3 and then transferred to the new protocol

fluctuating total supply

burning and minting, these two aspects are continuously present and therefore a total supply is different every day

Deployed on the Ethereum network

Some people will wonder why we chose the Ethereum network instead of Binance Smart Chain for example, this has everything to do with our opinion that BSC is too centralized and that we believe that Ethereum will take steps in the future in terms of transaction fees and overall development.

current supply


total burned




what is decentralized burning?

for each transaction involving arteon, 0.001% of the amount sent is automatically burned from the current total supply

The purpose of burning is to reduce the total number of circulating tokens (not to be confused with the total supply). The tokens are appropriated to the well-known burn address that no one has control over and have therefore been withdrawn from circulation.

The purpose of this is to increase the value of the tokens with a decreasing number of circulating tokens. Often it depends on the maker of a particular token when this happens (if this is promised by the maker) and the token holders have to wait for it.

That is why we used the concept of BOMB! Instead of promising we'll burn tokens, let's do it yourself. With every transaction involving Arteon, be it a transaction from wallet A to wallet B, between contracts, or to Uniswap, 0.001% of the total number of tokens involved in the transaction will be burned automatically. Call it decentralized burning ..

Is it really automated?

Yes, no manual actions are required and everything is coded in the token smart contract. This means that the makers cannot change this and this will always remain the case.

Think of it as the Olympic fire that never goes out!

Why was 0.001% chosen?

We don't want a simple transaction to take away too much value from the respective recipient of the tokens.

Think of it as a small form of protection. For example, if we had chosen 1%, that would burn a massive amount of Arteon in a transaction involving many tokens.

Make no mistake, with a lot of activity, a lot will still be burned by the community as a whole, but as an individual you hardly notice.

Will the burn address eventually own everything?

No, due to our future plans where it will be possible to stake Arteon and mine Arteon with our Arteon GPUs (ERC-721 NFTs), new Arteon is also being created and therefore there is a constantly fluctuating total and circulating supply.

It can never be predicted with one hundred percent certainty what the total and circulating supply of tomorrow will be. What is certain is the number of tokens burned, this is not reversible.

Who owns the burn address?

Nobody. At least, that's the intention. But seriously, nobody.
The burn address holds billions in value in all kinds of different tokens that have been burned over the years.

This also applies to Ethereum itself. Everything is stuck for eternity.
View the 'portfolio' of the burn address:

Learn about the burn address, also known as the black hole, in this article to appropriate some knowledge:

simulate the real world in mining

By being active in the world of the ERC-721 non fungible tokens, we want to add an extra twist of fun in obtaining Arteon

NFTs can really be anything digital (such as drawings, music, your brain downloaded and turned into an AI), but a lot of the current excitement is around using the tech to sell digital art.

By creating Arteon Graphics Cards NFTs, we are going to simulate the real world in the form of mining, with the exception that this time you do not use real hardware, but still have to purchase 'equipment'.

Every time a new version comes out, they will, just like with real graphics cards, have more power and mine more Arteon for you.

These cards will be available upon release on the OpenSea NFT market website at a fixed price. Simulating the world of mining.

Why are NFT's chosen?

We think it is important that in addition to the serious aspect of cryptocurrency, you should also enjoy what you do. By using non fungible tokens, we can add a gaming-like element to obtaining Arteon.

We think it is important that in addition to the serious aspect of cryptocurrency, you should also enjoy what you do.

In addition, it will be possible to simulate the market of Graphics Cards because they can be traded on OpenSea.

Learn more about non fungible tokens:

Where will the Arteon NFTs be available?

All releases of the NFT'S will be available on Arteon's OpenSea page.
In addition, all future versions will have a fixed price, just like in a real store.

What will I be able to do with my Arteon card?

The main purpose of owning Arteon Graphics Cards is to make it possible to mine Arteon in our yet to be developed platform.

In addition, it is possible to sell older versions on OpenSea, or to keep them in your card collection to combine them with newer versions or several older versions.

is it required to purchase the arteon cards?

If you want to obtain Arteon by mining, then yes.
Otherwise you are not required to do anything.

You can also just own Arteon and be a holder of the token and sell it for profit, or you can collect more Arteon and decide to stake it.

You have complete freedom to do whatever you want.

stake to earn arteon

we're going to keep our staking mechanism as simple as possible. See it in the perspective of the traditional staking coins that operate on their own blockchain. The more Arteon you stake, the bigger your reward share will be. if you look at the complete picture with our future mining system you can almost call it a PoW / PoS token but without the necessary hardware or electricity

no penalties

Everyone should have the freedom to be able to end their stake whenever they want for whatever reason.

We believe that penalties do not belong in something called decentralized. It has a centralized touch and therefore this will not be added.

no lock ups

No penalties, so automatically no time lock ups, again, too centralized.

We will not impose any lock-up obligations on someone who owns Arteon because he has confidence in the potential.

That's the upside-down world!

no fees

No fees will be added to staking Arteon, after all, you burn 0.001% on every transaction.

The only pool that will charge a fee is the liquidity pool, 0.05% and this will be burned automatically to create an external ownerless liquidity.

where to buy arteon?

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